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Blocking The Knee Off a Single Leg Takedown… Even With Broken Posture?

Halfway through Muslim Salikhov vs. Andre Fialho, Salikhov grabs ahold of a single leg, then blocks the hamstring to get a very cool little takedown.

Just saw a dirty take down which I’m definitely looking to add to my inexistent arsenal.

In this instance it comes off of what appears to be a somewhat broken postured single leg. ๐Ÿคฏ

Halfway through the first round of โ€“ click spoiler alert โ€“ Muslim Salikhov vs. Andre Fialho, Salikhov grabs ahold of a single, and cinches it up into his chest.

Single Leg Takedown

Then he just pulls Fialho clockwise, to get him hopping backwards.

As Fialho hops to stay balanced, Salikhov reaches out to obstruct the leg.

Here he is โ€“ head inside, turning Fialho clockwise โ€“ he misses his first attempt at obstructing the leg.

Attempting to Block The Knee Off a Single Leg Takedown

… but he keeps on pulling Fialho backwards and rotating in a clockwise rotation, so that Fialho‘s outside leg needs to hop further than Salikhov himself is turning.

In other words, it’s much faster to turn in a circle than hop around a 6-foot/2-meter circle, if you catch my drift.

I suspect that not only is Salikhov turning clockwise, but he’s also pulling Fialho towards him at all times. Not enough to fall backward, but enough to make it more difficult.

On his second attempt at blocking the leg, his fingers catch and make small purchase.

As John Danaher would say, “It’s not much, but it’s something. And something’s a lot better than nothing.”

The important part here would be to get your fingers past the hamstring, so you get some sort of control or grip (for lack of a better term).

Blocking the hamstring off a single leg takedown when wrestling

Just his fingers, but it’s enough to slow things down.

You can see Fialho‘s weight/center of gravity is already starting to look unstable in that screenshot.

From there, things go south for Fialho pretty quickly.

Salikhov keeps circling clockwise, and you’ll see that initial finger grip has progressed into a much more stable straight-arm, and the whole hand has a much stronger C-grip, and it’s catching much lower, down at the knee for much better control.

Blocking the knee off a single leg takedown

Obviously… at this point… Fialho‘s a cooked goose.

His posture and center of gravity are completely exploited. There’s essentially no coming back from that.

No amount of hopping will get you out of that, let alone with a straight arm C-grip controlling your next hop at the knee.

Game over.

Sucking in the second far leg off a successful single leg takedown

As soon as they hit the mat together, Salikhov is scrambling to suck up that second leg. In this case, he appears to look to shelf them on his knee โ€“ maybe looking for a leg drag? โ€“ but then quickly abandons it, and the fight carries on.

Very cool little takedown from Muslim Salikhov โ€“ the first non-Chinese ‘King of Kung Fu’ โ€“ that I could definitely see working for me in class soon.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. ๐Ÿค˜

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