What Belt is ChatGPT in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? A Stupid Zero Stripe White Belt

I set out with the intention of ChatGPT building me a fully-featured Brazilian jiu jitsu game. The results were… less than impressive. I started by giving ChatGPT a softball, and asked it to write me a game in a box from closed guard. Write me a heuristic approach to attacking in Brazilian jiu jitsu from […]


Nasty armbar from closed guard courtesy of the Daisy Fresh boys

I was watching the latest video from Pedigo Submission Fighting, on their UK tour, and saw a nasty armbar from closed guard that’s worth a break down. This time it’s Jorge Valladares (I think? Correct me if I’m wrong, there) with a nasty little armbar from closed guard, barely visible before it happens.. It shows […]


The Importance of Having a Bulletproof Turtle Guard as a White Belt

When I first started practicing jiu jitsu, I was constantly pressured, pressured, pressured, and whittled/eroded down into ‘turtle guard’, as I watched my window of opportunity for survival shrunk smaller and smaller, where I’d then quickly get my ass ransacked and submitted. I’d go home from class feeling like I’d completely forgot whatever I’d learned, […]


The Best BJJ Instructional DVD’s For White Belts To Focus On

When I set out to make this website, I was a brand new white belt who wanted to bring get his thoughts down – a new take on the idea of a ‘BJJ blog’ which is (or at least was at the time) saturated with black belt content, and I wanted somewhere to ask white […]

BJJ Gear

How Much Can A Jiu Jitsu Gi Shrink? How Much Shrinkage Should I Expect?

How much can a jiu jitsu gi shrink? It’s pretty common to be stuck between two sizes when shopping for a gi, and when you do… you need to know how much your gi is going to shrink. You don’t want to pick the larger size and be swimming around in a giant gi, looking […]